A Detailed Extremely Simple Fat Loss Review

In recent years, people have become more health conscious and try hard to stay in shape. There are many popular weight loss supplements and books in the market to help you lose weight in a healthy manner and flaunt your perfect body.

One such book is about to be released on 20th January, 2014. It is called Extremely Simple Fat Loss. It has been written by world renowned fitness expert, John Rowley. In this Extremely Simple Fat Loss review, we will explain how this guide works and helps you lose weight.


A Brief Overview of Extremely Simple Fat Loss

In this book, John Rowley tells you exactly what you should do to lose weight and get back in shape. Just to be clear, Extremely Simple Fat Loss is a guide to help you choose a perfect path to see positive results. Unlike other fitness guides in the market, this book is not very complicated.

The guide asks you to choose a specific goal, and perform A, B and C. In time, you will meet your goals with a positive mindset and dedication. In the beginning of the book, John Rowley explains how simple it is to lose weight and get back in shape. According to John Rowley, you can easily achieve weight loss without the use of any unnatural and synthetic supplements.


Here are some basic sections which have been discussed in this book :

●   Minding Mind

●   Modifying Metabolism

●   Monitoring Mouth

●   Maximizing Muscles


In his book, John Rowley also talks about his own near-death experience when he met with a car accident. He explains how he overcame various obstacles and reached his current spot amongst success and fame. Once John Rowley’s journey has been explained in brief, the book starts discussing the core concepts.


Mastering Your Mind

According to every Extremely Simple Fat Loss review, this section is about setting realistic goals and determining different reasons for wanting to lose excess fat from your body. When you set realistic goals and develop a strong desire to stay happy, you will have a better chance at success. You need to use the power of your mind for setting goals. It can be a very crucial element to build more muscle, lose fat and stay fit.

In this section, John Rowley also provides readers with a set of goal setting forms, along with five tested and proven action steps. These steps make goal setting very simple for readers. The rest of the section is very motivational and inspiring.

It explains how you can accomplish your goals and conquer failure forever. It allows you to focus on your mindset and helps you work hard to lose weight. It also teaches you to control your emotional state, feel rejuvenated and raise energy levels.

Besides this, John Rowley also talks about the power of your mind and optimism. This can have a major impact on your daily life and habits. Some crucial steps to help you achieve your goals include goal setting, visualization, planning, bringing changes to basic habits and so on.

In the next few chapters, John Rowley teaches you to utilize and even change your current habits. He teaches you to develop more empowering habits. Most importantly, John Rowley explains how to manage your day and find time for working out.


Modifying Metabolism

Every Extremely Simple Fat Loss review talks about this section in detail. In this section, John Rowley talks about modifying your metabolism to help you lose weight faster. This way, while working towards your goals, your body will work with you. John Rowley also explains about some tips and tricks to stabilize your insulin levels and boost your metabolism. This allows you to quit carbohydrate addiction on a permanent basis.

In this section, John Rowley also talks about how many carbohydrates you should consume, and how you can change this intake according to your body type. This is a customized approach to focus on the specific needs and requirements of different individuals. Every person has a different body type, and therefore, this is the best approach towards weight loss.

John Rowley also also talks about an ��Optional Carb Diet’. It allows you to burn more fat and stay in good shape. In fact, he explains how you don’t have to starve yourself to lose weight, and even eating more can stimulate your metabolic rate to help you burn more fat. According to him, starving yourself can be counter-productive.


Monitoring Your Mouth

As the name suggests, this section is about controlling your diet, customized diet plans and other ways to maximize weight loss. In this section, John Rowley explains why most diets make you look more fat and don’t give any positive results. He explains that most diets are nothing but a craze in the community. These diets are ineffective and over hyped. In order to lose weight and witness positive results, you don’t have to diet or starve yourself. You just need to eat properly, and follow specific diet plans which suit your body type.


Extremely Simple Fat Loss – Eating Plan

In this section of the book, John Rowley talks about the following points :

●   What you should eat according to your body type

●   When you should eat

●   How much you should eat


Besides this, you will also notice detailed diagrams, charts and guidelines to make everything very simple and easy for you.


Maximize Muscles

This is the final section of the book. According to every Extremely Simple Fat Loss review, this is the most important section of the book. In this section, John Rowley talks about various exercises which you should perform to enjoy maximum results in a timely manner. He also tries to help you develop a perfect exercise routine for yourself. This routine focuses on your specific needs and helps you lose a lot of weight in a healthy manner.

In this section, John Rowley outlines every step of the routine, from basic exercise to number of repetitions. He also talks about the importance of cardio, targeting heart rate and focusing on fat burn zones for optimal results. Even in this section, John Rowley explains everything with detailed charts and diagrams.

Unlike other guides, Extremely Simple Fat Loss is easy to understand. It is not complicated in any way. With detailed charts and diagrams, you are able to understand everything in a much better way. The book will be released on 20th January, 2014. You should definitely give it a shot and click this link to get your Extremely Simple Fat Loss Bonus.

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