Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator


Use the Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator to find out how many calories you burn in a day. It is simple, easy and free. Knowing how many calories you burn in a day is the first step to weight loss, and is also essential to maintain your current weight.

Everyone burns a different amount of calories in a day, thanks to differences like age and gender, so a one size-fits-all number won’t be accurate for everybody. The Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator will calculate how much energy you expend in a day –not how much the average person burns.

The Daily Energy Expenditure Calculator requires the following inputs:

  1. Weight – one of the primary determinants of your metabolism. The more you weigh the more calories you will burn. This is true if you are working out or just sitting at the computer. This health calculator is set up to use English measurements, so you must input your weight in pounds.
  2. Height – The more surface area your body has, the more energy you will expend in a day. This means that taller people naturally burn more calories than shorter people. Your height must be in inches when you put it into the calculator. If you are 5’6” tall, for example, you are also 66 inches tall.
  3. Age – Metabolism is strongly determined by age. When we are young we expend a lot of energy. As we get older our metabolism gradually slows down. The metabolic peak is usually around age 20. Beyond that, our BMR goes down by approximately 2% every 10 years.
  4. Gender also plays an important role in determining your metabolic rate. It may not be fair, but men naturally burn more energy than women. This is because they have less body fat and more muscle mass.

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Additional Information

After you have entered all of the variables into the calculator you will find out your daily energy expenditure. But what does this number mean?

Your Basic Metabolic Rate is how much energy you have to expend every single day just to stay alive. It is how much energy you need just to keep going. The formulas only consider a person at rest, so it does not take into account calories burned as you do things during the day.

Basically, your BMR is how many calories you burn if you stay in bed and watch TV or sit in front of a computer screen all day. Exercise and other activities will increase the amount of calories you burn.

BMR is often used as a starting point when someone is designing a weight-loss or maintenance program. Because of the inherent health risks associated with these programs, you should always consult your physician before you begin.


There are some variations which are not accounted for by the calculator. Genetics sometimes play a role in determining a person’s BMR. Some people naturally have very high or very low metabolisms. The environment can also play a role. Those who live in very cold climates tend to have fairly high BMRs. Regular exercise can also increase your BMR.


A man who is 30 years old, is 6’ tall and weighs 300 pounds has a daily calorie expenditure of 2,488.26 calories.