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Top 20 Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets have become very popular.  These are the diets that celebrities use to either drop a lot of weight or build muscle very fast.  Most of the diets only last a few days to a couple of weeks.  They are usually very restrictive, but produce outstanding results in the short term.  Although these diets are not for long term use, they do provide results that might motivate you to continue your weight loss journey.  Below is a list of some of the most popular diets.

Atkins Diet
Calorie Counting
The Great Skin Diet
The Model Detox Diet
The Acai Berry Diet
The Apple Cider Vinegar Diet
The Dash Diet
The Blood Type Diet
Cleansing and Fasting
The French Women Diet
The Grapefruit Diet
The Green Tea Diet
The Jenny Craig Diet
The Low Fat Diet
The Mediterranean Diet
The Raw Food Diet
The Slimfast Diet
The South Beach Diet
The Zone Diet
Weightwatchers Diet Plan