An Apple a Day Keeps the Weight Away!

The apple cider vinegar diet has been around for decades but resurfaced in the dieting world in the late 1990’s due to the claims made by Earl Mindell, a herbologist, who claimed that the diet would result in, fast and effective weight loss. As with many diets he stated that by consuming small regular doses of apple cider vinegar the natural appetite of an individual would be suppressed therefore making a calorie controlled diet easier to commit to. Some scientific research has concluded that the body’s appetite can be reduced but in reality there is not enough evidence to support the claims thus making the apple cider vinegar is no more effective than many other diets circulating today.

So why do so many people claim that the diet is effective? Many claim to have achieved great results whilst following the diet plan. They highlight the advantages of the diet, namely, that it is inexpensive and straight forward. They state that nothing else is needed to achieve rapid and effective weight loss. It has also been claimed that apple cider vinegar as many beneficial properties including high levels of vitamin B and also high levels of amino acid that may boost overall health. The main claim made though relates to the apple cider vinegar diet ability to suppress the appetite. People who have used the diet and achieved weight loss state that the diet helped them to avoid the hunger pains associated with many diets and thus losing weight was easier.

Of course as with all diets there are detractors who argue that the diet cannot and does not significantly help in weight loss. They argue that clinical studies do not support weight loss claims. It has also been argued that prolonged usage of apple cider vinegar will lead to damage to the stomach and esophagus. No diet should present the user with the risk of permanent damage to the body through its use. The diet also has no recommended dosage levels and it is up to the individual to determine the amount of apple cider vinegar that will be beneficial. The diet in itself does not claim to be a miracle although certain suppliers may claim otherwise.

All in all the apple cider vinegar diet may appeal too many due to its straight forward nature. As other diet aids rise in price many see its low cost as an added bonus factor and this tempts many to try it. Many testaments to its effectiveness are available but as yet there are no specific scientific studies that substantiate the claims of rapid weight loss. The product if used sensibly is safe and negative reactions are rare. The appetite reducing benefit may help to promote weight loss but surely will be more effective when used alongside a more recognized weight loss approach. The apple cider vinegar diet may work but not as an isolated program. It is easy to see why people believe that it works but science does not support these claims. A lot more research needs to be conducted before a final decision can be reached on this low tech diet approach.