How The Atkins Diet Works

The Atkins Diet has been somewhat controversial but still remains popular. The Atkisn diet was developed by Robert Atkins as an effort to solve his weight problems. His book “Dr.Atkins’ Diet Revolution” was published in 1972 detailing the method. In 2002, he revised the diet with ” Atkins’ New Diet Revolution’ but it still retained the same principles. He concluded from research that carbohydrates were the reason behind weight problems. it is because they are made up of sugars, starches, and cellulose.

The basis of the diet is severely limiting your carbohydrate intake to the point where your body no longer craves them. There are four phases. The first phase is the induction phase which lasts two weeks. Dieters are allowed 20 grams of carbohydrates daily. Most of them will quickly reach their limit. They are not allowed to eat bread, fruit,cereal, milk, or certain vegetables with a high-glycemic rating. The body will enter a ketosis stage so it can burn its own remaining fat deposits for energy that previously came from carbohydrates.

The next phase is called on-going weight loss. Dieters are allowed to increase their carbohydrate intake by 5 grams. The phase does not end until the dieter loses within ten pounds of the target weight. More accepted foods are allowed gradually. There is also a carbohydrate ladder to follow with nine rungs. You can skip over the rung if you do not plan to include that food in your daily diet permanently.

The per-maintenance phase permits another increase of carbohydrates by 10 grams.The purpose of this stage is to find the maximum carbohydrates you can eat without gaining weight. You may be able to include some forbidden foods back in your diet. This is the stage where your body loses ketosis protection. The last phase is life-time maintenance. This requires you to still follow the habits you learned in the first three phases.

No diet is without advantages and disadvantages. Supports say anyone can lose weight on it no matter what kind of dieter you are. Certain people will find the diet beneficial like binge eaters and yo-yo dieters. You do not have to count calories and you eat nutritious foods. You also learn patience and discipline. It has also shown to lessen the risk of heart disease. One disadvantage is you may feel hungry and be tempted to eat junk food. Once you are off the diet, you could go back to your old eating habits and gain the weight back you lost. The Atkins Diet can cause stomach and kidney problems because of the lack of vitamins and minerals. It is not suggested for children because they are still growing. The food can get expensive as well since it is healthy.

The Atkins Diet will likely remain controversial in spite of having some benefits. While the Atkins Diet has helped many lose weight, it may not be for everyone. Success relies on your body type and lifestyle habits. If you think the diet is for you, make an appointment with your doctor and find out all you can about it.