The Model Detox Diet

Overview of The Model Detox Diet –
For those who are looking for a great body, and healthier eating mentality, the option to try out The Model Detox Diet is one for dieters to consider. Due to the toxins from fast foods we generally eat, alcohol consumption, caffeine, and even air pollution, the choice to go with this diet allows you to cleanse and detox the body, by restoring energy and vitality by simply changing a few habits. The diet is a short term plan, and is basically a detox, allowing you to cleanse the body, by choosing the foods which are rich in nutrients and vitamins, lower in fat and cholesterol levels, and food choices that are natural rather than processed. By simply eliminating processed foods, you will notice a reduction in weight, and your skin will clear up as well.

Pros –
When choosing The Model Detox Diet dieters are going to use organic fruits and vegetalles, and organic foods, rather than commercial produce. Additionally, you are going to cut out breads, pastas, and higher carb foods, caffeine, alcohol and cigarettes, and dairy and animal products. You are basically eating natural fruits and veggies, which is going to clear the body, and provide a complete cleanse of the system. The diet should only be followed for a short period of time, as the body cannot sustain this low caloric intake, and the lack of higher protein foods for such a long period of time; but, for those who are trying to shed some weight, or cleanse their system, this is a great option for a few days, or a couple weeks (at most).

Cons –
There are some drawbacks to following The Model Detox Diet, including the fact that you are going to fell hungry, therefore it should be done for no more than a week at a time. Additionally, the fact that you are eating pureed foods may be somewhat of a turnoff for many, and the fact that the foods you are buying are organic, means dieters are going to be paying much higher prices for the items they are buying. And, although you are cleansing the system, and eliminating all toxins, this is very low in caloric intake, and therefore it should not be followed for too long a period of time, as it can leave dieters feeling fatigue and tired, and not getting the essentials their body needs to survive.

For those who are looking for an all natural cleanse, rather than purchasing the cleansing products in the market, then The Model Detox Diet is a great option to consider. The fact that you are drinking all items you take in, and are cutting out all solids, allows your body to cleanse itself of all harmful toxins, and clean out the entire system. But, for those who are looking for something longer term, or a diet they can sustain forever, then choosing The Model Detox Diet is not the right plan, but can be a starting point for dieters who are looking for a healthy change and lifestyle.