The Acai Berry Diet Review

The popularity of the Acai Berry Diet has exploded recently. The berries themselves first came to the attention of the public at the turn of the century. Their dietary benefits have been appreciated in their native South America for countless generations. Now the berries are the main component of a diet plan. The question has to be asked; is the Acai Berry Diet effective and how does it work?

The berries are full of nutritional value and can be a great aid for digestion; they are also a great energy provider. Whilst these benefits are admirable they do not fully explain why people turn to the diet to promote weight loss. Diets will help an individual to lose weight by reducing the overall calorie intake until it is lower than the amount that the body needs to perform its daily tasks. As with every other fruit the Acai berry contains energy in the form of sugar and therefore contains calories. If an individual ate too many Acai berries they would as expected gain weight.

So there must be other reasons as to why the fruit is so popular among dieters. Many believe that the berry will help to suppress the natural appetite of an individual thus helping the dieter to avoid the all too common hunger pains. This may well be true but many other fruits will boast the same claims. Many people have used the Acai Berry Diet and swear by it. They testify to the diet and highlight the pros of the diet. They say that the berry is high in anti-oxidants which will help a dieter to eliminate free radicals produced through exercise. The berries are available as supplements and pills, users state that they reduced the effect of hunger pains whilst increasing energy levels. Scientists have backed up the claims that as a whole the fruit is safe and has certain health benefits.

As with any diet product there are others who believe that the Acai Berry Diet is a scam. They claim that the Acai berry is a healthy fruit but it has no magical weight loss properties. Online retailers of Acai berry pills and supplements have hyped up the weight loss claims of the fruit and many people believe that they can continue with their unhealthy diet and lifestyle whilst consuming Acai berries and believe that they will still somehow magically lose weight. They also over emphasize the speed at which an Acai Berry Diet will work whilst glossing over the dedication and hard work needed for effective and safe weight loss.

Overall, the Acai Berry Diet may work but only in conjunction with a well balanced diet and exercise plan. The berry may help to reduce hunger pains which will help with a diet plan and energy levels may be boosted but other diets can also make similar claims. The berries along with the pills and supplements are safe and beneficial but should be used alongside a structured and balanced diet and exercise plan. As with any diet if the Acai berries convince the dieter that it is working it may encourage more commitment.