The Blood Type Diet

As more and more people diligently search for fast weight loss diets to aid them in their quest it seems that more diets are created. Each diet seems to have a different steer on effective and rapid weight loss. This is true of the blood type diet. The main concept of the diet is one that suggests a diet and exercise regime should be based on an individual’s blood type. So does it work and if so how?

The diet plan was introduced to the world by Dr.Peter D’Adamo, he claimed that through his intensive studies and extensive genetics research he had created a diet plan that would work and would work well. The basic idea of the diet is that each of us has certain genetic traits highlighted by our blood type. He believed that a diet should be tailored to suit this blood type thus making weight loss easier. D’Adamo created a diet that he considered perfect for every blood type. For instance those with ‘O’ type blood would benefit from a weight loss diet high in animal protein whilst low in dairy products. Dieters with blood type ‘A’ would see more effective results whilst following a more organic vegetable based diet. He believed that enzymes found in the stomach were related to differing blood types and they worked differently when dealing with certain types of food. If the body was only given suitable foods to digest it would function better leading to calories being processed more effectively.

Many who have committed to following a blood type diet have claimed that it worked for them. They point to the many advantages of the diet and believe that it really helped them to achieve their weight loss goal. So what are the main advantages of the diet? Firstly, it encourages users to think about the type of food that they consume and this can only be positive. If the amount of calories consumed is reduced than usually weight loss will follow. It allows less fatty, sugary and processed food to be consumed replacing it with organic and natural products. The diet also highlighted the benefits of exercise; again this will certainly aid weight loss.

The blood type diet also has its share of non-believers and they pointed to recognizable disadvantages. These doubters believed that the diet eliminated certain food groups from a diet and did not encourage a healthy eating plan. They also believe it is too fussy and complicated and will eventually lead to the diet being abandoned as the user began to crave food denied to them.

The blood type diet is fundamentally no different to many diets that surface in the health and lifestyle niche today. The fact that a doctor has developed the plan should play no part in a decision to attempt the diet. For every doctor that supports a diet plan it is easy to find another that casts scorn upon it. As diets go it is not as potentially harmful as others and it does encourage users to have a hard, long look at the foods that they consume. It also encourages moderation. Is this enough to say that the blood type diet works? That is really a matter for the individual. Try it and see. You have nothing to lose except perhaps, the weight.