The French Women Diet – Pros and Cons

It is well known that France has created some of the most talented artists world has ever known, still they also managed to discover a balanced lifestyle diet that was developed and perfected by this nation that is renowned due to its food lovers. This diet is called The French Women Diet and reveals the secret of French women who can eat a delicious food and still look amazing and stay fit.

Diet Description

This diet allows you to eat fresh whole foods and prohibits you junk and processed foods. The key of this dies is the natural food: when to eat, what to eat and in what quantity. Every time French people would cook, they select the best ingredients that are natural. They walk around the farmer’s markets, fromageries and boulangeries, looking for natural products and also burning the extra calories.

The premise of The French Women Diet is that you should eat only top-quality natural products, savoring every bite and eating in small portions. This is a three month-plan diet that is meant to change your body for a gradual weight loss. Amazingly, this diet doesn’t include any fitness classes, but a lot of walking and plenty of physical activity on a daily basis. The author shows step-by-step how any modern woman can adopt the French women style of eating, drinking and walking easily.

The French Women Diet Pros

– Not a real diet: this is a great advantage, especially for those who got tired of so many diets and plans on how to lose weight and look better.The French Women Diet is more than that, as it represents a happy and healthy way of living. There is no carb or calorie counting, neither deprivation.

– Easy to follow: you can easily buy all those foods that are required for the diet: real cheese, red wine, fruits and vegetables, not to forget the olive oil.

– Exciting: as it is not just a simple diet, you can look at it a way of life, therefore you will need to live it everyday. You can have a lot of fun and feel good when combining different products.

Diet Cons

– A lot of extra time: you need to set aside plenty of time for relaxing and eating slowly. Eating under stress will certainly lead to a weight gain, so you won’t be allowed rush anymore and eat on the go if you really want to benefit of this diet.

– Lot of effort: you will have to look for natural products in certain places, as you won’t find 100% natural products at the mall. Frequent trips to fromagerie, boulangerie and farmer’s market will take a lot of your time.

– Cost: this is another drawback of this modern diet, as fresh and high-quality products usually cost more than regular food. You will consume more than if you will buy those products from the store, still you will be healthier.


Overall, The French Women Diet is a great way to lose some extra weight and to change your lifestyle in a healthier one.