The Grapefruit Diet

Overview of The Grapefruit Diet

For those who are considering options for weight loss, the grapefruit diet has been one of the most popular quick fix and fad diets around for years. Although it does help dieters in shedding the weight quickly, many nutritionists and experts claim that it does not provide for a well balanced plan which can be followed for an extended period of time, due to the fact that the body requires more calories on a daily basis, and more nutrients which you are not getting while on the grapefruit diet.

During the 14 day period you are on the diet you will lose a significant amount of weight if followed properly. Due to the weight burning power of grapefruit, the idea behind eating one with the meals you consume on a daily basis is something which will promote quicker weight loss. The grapefruit diet suggests that when following it you only consume around 800 calories per day, which is considered a VLCD (very low calorie diet); but, most health professionals say that consuming fewer than 1200 calories per day can make for serious repurcussions over an extended period of time. So, if you do choose to follow it, it is mainly geared at quick fix, and should not be done so for more than the 14 day period.

Pros –
A few of the major pros dieters are going to notice on the grapefruit diet include the fact that grapefruits are known as a fruit which holds fat burning power, in turn helping dieters shed the weight. Additionally, you will find this diet can help reduce cholesterol, and promote heart health. Grapefruit is also a fruit which has a high amount of beta carotene, promoting certain changes in the body.

Cons –
There are some drawbacks to the grapefruit diet as well. First off, it is a quick fix (fad diet), which over time proves to be unsuccessful for most. The fact that it is not a long term solution, means it will not teach you how to change your diet, or the foods you eat over a period of time, but only promotes weight loss for an event you may have coming up, or a function you have to attend in a short period of time, where you want to drop a few pounds. Other drawbacks include the fact that you are not getting variation in nutrients, and you are not consuming enough calories each day.

With the limited caloric intake, no guidance as to diet and exercise, and a quick fix solution, the grapefruit diet might be a good option to start a complete change in your eating patterns, but should not be followed for more than the 14 day period. The diet cannot sustain a person due to the unhealthy, and extremely low calorie intake on a daily basis, and although you will notice significant loss in the short period of time that you are dieting, as soon as you get off the diet (as with all other fad diets), you are going to notice increase in weight.