The Jenny Craig diet

The Jenny Craig diet is a weight management program that uses various methods. It combines physical activity with nutrition and counseling with the intent of helping clients change their eating habits and lifestyle. Once the client has achieved their desired weight level, they will not need to depend on the program’s consultations, prepackaged foods or planned menus to have a healthy lifestyle. The jenny Craig diet mainly targets seniors and people with diabetes. Such people are able to reduce their weight levels effectively by using this program.

Clients are given private counseling sessions by the program consultants. The consultants are trained by the in order to provide support and education. However, they will not need to have professional certifications related to health or nutrition. Once a client has become a member, they will join any one of the plans that are available in the program. After joining, they will have the possibility of purchasing pre-packaged food from their local stores. Clients who join the at home program have the chance of receiving pre-packed frozen foods which is directly shipped to their address. Clients have to follow a planned menu they receive from the company. In the menu, clients have to use dry and frozen foods from the company’s line combined with vegetables and dairy from their local centers. After using the menu for some time, they will be able to create their own menus using this range of foods. These menus are tailored to effectively meet the needs of individual clients.

The Jenny Craig diet has some advantages which have been experienced by past clients. Portion sizes for the pre-packaged foods are controlled. If you follow the amounts prescribed in the plan, you will lose weight. At the same time, you will not need to keep calculating the calories you use for any meal. Since pre-packaged meals are delivered, the diet tends to be very convenient. Time spent cooking is saved as the meals are ready to eat. You just need to heat them with a microwave and you are good to go. The plan does not use a general approach. Instead, your diets are tailor made to fit your needs. The counselors offer a one-on-one support. Long lasting change is achieved as you will be constantly advised on making healthy choices in terms of lifestyle. The plan does not use stressful methods to induce weight loss like starvation and skipping of meals.

Just like any other product, there are some cons associated with Jenny Craig diet. If you are a picky individual, you may find it hard to choose foods you like in their plans. The diet is not allergen sensitive. This means that people with allergies will have a smaller variety of foods to choose from. If you are an outgoing person, you may find it hard to follow the plan. This is attributed to the fact that the food is frozen meaning you will need to be at home to use it. These are just some of the disadvantages that have been noted with the use of the diet plan. Though this is the case, the plan has a lot to offer. Most people who have used the program have reported positive results.