The Mediterranean Diet Review

Overview of The Mediterranean Diet

Although many diets and fads have come and gone through the years, one of the diets which has been a staple, and is recommended by many doctors and nutritionists is The Mediterranean Diet. It is fairly basic, and is not a new idea developed by experts in the industry. This diet promotes great food and varieties of food, exercise, and just the sound concepts (lower caloric intake, exercise, and avoiding certain higher calorie foods), which are the staples to successful weight loss, and keeping it off once you have completed the diet that you are on.

Pros –
The diet is ideal for promoting heart health, and unlike many diets, for adults who enjoy drinking, it allows for moderate alcohol consumption. The Mediterranean Diet is premised around foods surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, and is rich in fresh fruits, vegetables, and a balance of carbs, allowing dieters to also enjoy smaller amounts of fish, chicken, and dairy products. The diet comes with a version of the food pyramid, aiding dieters to ensure they are getting balanced meals in. The pyramid breaks down how much, and what should be consumed each day, week, and month, making the diet extremely easy to follow. Another pro, which many diets do not promote, is getting in moderate amounts of exercise from the onset.

Cons –
The major drawback of The Mediterranean Diet is that for those who are allergic to shellfish, this might not be something you are able to follow, as it is a staple to the diet. Another con, for some (but not all dieters), is that it is not a miracle diet, but will take time for you to drop the weight. You are not going to be losing 5 to 10 pounds a week, but (as with most healthy weight loss), it will come off a little slower (about 1 to 3 pounds per week). Another con for some is that there are limited amounts of proteins (chicken and meat), as well as limited dairy intake, if these are items which you would prefer to keep as part of the diet; and, although the diet does permit some consumption of alcohol, it is mainly wine, and in very limited quantities.

In general, The Mediterranean Diet is one of the diets which has withstood the test of time, and has lasted far longer than most of the fad diets which seem to creep their way in to our society. The diet offers a great blend of tasty food options, allows for small amounts of alcohol consumption, and it promotes exercise for dieters. Additionally, the developed food pyramid for The Mediterranean Diet ensures dieters are going to be getting enough food, ensuring they are not going to be feeling hungry all day long, as they might feel with other diets. There are also many great flavors, and twists which dieters can take, when they choose to do this diet, and with great spices and flavor options, dieters will not get tired of the foods they are eating each day.