The Pros and Cons of The South Beach Diet

The South Beach Diet is a diet that has become very popular for people with weight issues. This diet helps people to maintain a healthy weight while eating a healthier diet. The South Beach Diet has three phases. The first phase is where a person will take all the carbohydrates and sugar out of their diet in a two week period. The second phase will begin following the first phase having to add the foods back into your diet slowly from phase one while maintaining a healthier diet and weight. Phase three you continue eating healthier foods and making better food choices as long as it takes to maintain a healthy weight overtime. You can get the recipe book available from the South Beach Diet to learn how to prepare new healthier recipes. This book can teach you better food choices for your diet and for life.

There are many pros and cons of this type of diet. It is best to go over these issues to find out if the diet is right for you before starting. These pros and cons will help you to know if this diet will work out with your lifestyle. By exploring the pros and cons of this diet, you will be able to find out if this diet is something you can stick to over time.

South Beach Diet

The pros of the South Beach Diet are being able to slowly change your eating habits with the three important stages. When you change your eating habits for two weeks it is not a long time before introducing these foods back into your diet. The choices of food in your diet plan are better than what most diets will offer. This is a diet where you do not have to count your calorie or carbohydrate intake. There are many good recipes to try when on this diet. This diet plan will have you eating almost all the foods that you like eating. Restaurants can be included in your eating routine with most foods being found at restaurants that will be fine to eat on this diet. This diet will keep you at a healthy weight for a long term if you follow it on a regular basis.

The cons of the South Beach Diet are having to give up the foods that you like to eat for two weeks. Some people feel the list of foods that you can eat is limited to just certain foods. This diet can make you feel sick when bringing back carbohydrates in your diet after going without them for two weeks. This diet can put strain on the kidneys because of going off carbohydrates for a short time. This diet is used by many people to help with obesity. It also helps you to maintain healthier eating habits. People of all ages use this diet and it is recommended by many doctors for being effective. If you are going to go on a diet the South Beach Diet is one of the diets that you will need to look over before making up your mind.