The Zone Diet

The Zone Diet program is used to create an effective weight loss system for interested individuals. There are different food plans that can be used by people who want to lose weight. However, the most common plan is one which has an accurate ratio of the nutrients required by the body for healthy living. With these ratios, you can be able to control the production of insulin in your body effectively. The most common and effective ratios used are 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates and 30% fat. In Zone Diet, you do not have to avoid any snacks or meals. You can still effectively have any of these types of foods and still lose weight. Individuals who want to live healthily and avoid sicknesses like diabetes and those relate to cardiovascular system, staying within the zone prescribed by the diet plan is mandatory.

Generally, Zone Diet plans involve using recipes that have low carbohydrates. In this case, proteins should not dominate the carbohydrates. Weight loss is the main use of the program and plans. However, there are other benefits which are associated with using the program. For example, an individual can be able to improve mental clarity, energy and health. For example, the number of Americans that are suffering from Type 2 diabetes is increasing on a daily basis. This diet is effective to a person who is suffering from this ailment. The ratios of nutrients are balanced to the effect that a person experiences a reduction in eating and hunger compulsions. Most of the diet plans provided by the program are tailored to meet the individual’s needs. Factors taken into consideration before a plan is implemented include: sex, proportion of body fat and activity level.

Advantages associated with Zone diet will vary. One of the major advantages is the encouragement of neat eating. This is eating of small portions of food through the day. In such, a scenario, a person can have five meals a day that consist of small meals. It involves the use of fruits and vegetable which are vital in providing essential nutrients to the body. It promotes healthy lifestyle like importance of drinking at least eight glasses of water and eating lean meat. It encourages healthy living by eating beneficial foods like soy products, unsaturated fats and seafood. The Zone discourages users from using high-glycemic and over-processed foods like sugar and grains. Currently, there haven’t been any reports regarding negative side effects of the diet.

Unfortunately, there has not been a published result of research about the diet. At the same time, the diet is seen to considerably limit intake of foods that are rich in some vital minerals. Foods limited have minerals that include: folic acid, iron, calcium and vitamins A, D, E. staying within the stipulated ratios of macro nutrients is quite challenging. People who have used the Zone have stated that it is easy to step out the recommended plan. Using the program limits travelling and dining out. Though this is the case, it is a good program as it has archived the desired results of its users.