Truths about Sensa diet

It seems we will never say enough about weight loss, how to and not to do it. Even when you write millions of articles and books about this subject, there always seems to be a new thing to say. Whether it is in the form of a new product or a new research, there always seems to be something you did not know about weight related issues.And when it comes to products, one ought to be prepared for a surprise.Few are revolutionary. Some products are not any different, although they claim to be in their hyped advertisements. Some turn out to be fakes or imitations, while others are just downright ridiculous. It happens everywhere; glamorous advertisements and reviews that people blindly for, only to discover later that they have in fact been conned.

If there is a product that came so close to being revolutionary, it would be the Sensa diet.Well at least from the initial advertisements and reviews, it was. Popularly referred to as the sensa diet, it is in fact not a diet, at in he strict sense. Sensa is more like a spice. What happens is that it is sprinkled over one’s food before eating. It is said to have a mixture of sweet smelling spices which you inhale as you eat. This smell gets into your digestive system and to the brain. It ‘deceives’ the brain to think that you are full when in fact you are not. Needless to say, you will consume less food, thus less calories, therefore less weight. It sounds pretty simple really.

The sensa diet is based on the idea that eating less means losing weight, which is very true theoretically. The question of it’s ingredients has been clarified by the manufacturers who say that it is indeed very safe.Well that is debatable considering criticism from specialists who don’t think it is all that. The one reason why Sensa diet is already so popular is because of the fact it does not bar one from eating certain kinds of foods. All you have to do is sprinkle a little sensa and you can eat your favorite dish! Actually this is good news to people who have also tried losing but cannot deal with saying no to their junk food.
The amount you should sprinkle on your food is not clear yet. The manufacturers say that it is all up to you, and depends on the amount of you want to sprinkle it over. Actually Sensa diet is more of a psychological solution than a physical one. It is based on an appeal to the brain, rather than the usual physical restraint. So you don’t have o consciously decide to eat less. Rather, it tends to deceive the brain to think you have had much.Naturally, the sound of this is very appealing, but much of the information is provided by the manufacturer thus not easy to ascertain yet.

Critics of the Sensa diet view it as a product of shallow thinking. The idea that you can take some sort of spices and add to your food to enable you to eat less without knowing it is rather simplistic. It appears the manufacturers have overly simplified the psychological perspective of weight loss.And there could well be some truth in this. If sensa diet can help you eat less and lose weight, based on the simple idea, then one can argue that the same can be said of the usual spices we use. Still, even with the employment of Sensa diet, you can’t ignore the fact that you will still be taking high calorie foods. Ultimately, it is the content of these foods rather than the amount that matters.This is certainly an issue that the manufacturers of this product need to explain.

It would be advisable to take caution when dealing with this kind of product. It could be effective, in which case that would be very welcome news for everyone. But you need to be awake to the possibility of it not working. Whether you agree with the Sensa diet idea or not, there is no denying that it brings into focus a whole new way of looking at weight loss that certainly needs to be explored further