Weightwatchers Diet Plan

Overview of the Weightwatchers Diet Plan –
For those who are looking for a realistic diet plan, allowing them to eat all the foods they love, consume alcohol, and just eat all food items, only in limited quantities, the Weightwatchers Diet Plan might be the choice for you to go with. The diet has been around for over 50 years, and is proven as successful for many dieters. The ability to eat all foods, desserts, beverages, and anything dieters enjoy, only in limited quantities, is something that other diets do not promote, making this one of the more approachable plans. The points system has undergone quite a few changes over the years, and the amount of points dieters get each day will vary based on their weight, gender, and age. Dieters are encouraged to exercise, and they are given “flex” points, allowing for splurging on the weekends, while still losing the weight.

Pros –
The main pros of the Weightwatchers Diet Plan is the ability to eat everything, as long as dieters track it, write it down, and do not overeat. Dieters are also encouraged to eat certain food groups, make healthier choices each day, and eat smaller meals throughout the day. The fact that they can eat all foods, makes this diet plan something which all dieters seem to be able to follow. Additionally, the fact that you get the additional “flex” points, and exercise points (based on duration and intensity of the workouts), dieters are able to have some of the dishes they enjoy, in moderation, where they would otherwise not be able to enjoy these foods if they were on a restricted diet, or a plan that they had to eat only certain food groups.

Cons –
There are a few drawbacks to the Weightwatchers Diet Plan as well. First off, if you cannot control the amount you eat, the plan may prove as a failed choice. Due to the fact that it gives dieters discretion to choose the foods they eat, if you are not the type of person that can enjoy one drink, or one slice of pizza and stop, then success might not be found with this plan. Also, the diet has been criticized as not paying attention to certain nutritional values (such as fat intake, oils, etc), and only constitutes the points you eat each day, meaning certain dieters on the Weightwatchers Diet Plan are going to make poor choices, and choose the foods they love, as long as they stick to the number of points each day.

The Weightwatchers Diet Plan has been one of the longest standing plans around. It does promote healthy weight loss, but if you want to get heart health as well, you must be disciplined. It might be a good choice for those who know what moderation means, and are willing to choose the right foods (vegetables, fruits, lean proteins, etc), rather than eating anything they love (pizza, burgers, etc), and just remaining below the points level each day. So, if you have self control, and can write down your meals each day, then this might be one option dieters choose to go with for weight loss success.